LED Lights

Economical, Efficient, and Nature Friendly

Electrical installation

We do everything, from laying out electrical wiring to connecting various electronic devices or machinery

Light for your advertisements

We ensure that you will get seen

Exhibition stands

For you to stand out of the pack

Non-standart lighting

The tougher the challenge, the more pleasing it is to overcome it


We are a young, yet experienced team. Although we only started working together in 2018, each of us brought years of experience in lighting installations along with us. This allows for effective solutions to be made and applied expeditiously. When needed, we will come up with new and yet unseen solutions for your lighting system.

We truly love our job, which makes every challenge we face motivate us even more. Every challenge is seen as an opportunity to prove to both ourselves and others that there is nothing we can't do in the business of lighting. That is why we are always extra attentive to the expectations of our customers and use the knowledge and experience we have to bring them to life.






Sometimes our clients aren't exactly sure what they want, however, they don'tons to help you decide and do everything we can to get the right result. There is only one primary goal we stick to – keeping our customer have to be. That what we are here for! We will offer an array of solutis happy.

Therefore, everything from a simple consultation to large lighting projects can and will be taken care of. If needed, we will calculate the required lighting in a given space, prepare an official project, and even provide visualisations. The aesthetics are very important to us, so we will pay the utmost attention to choosing the right size and parameter for your lighting fittings and provide various solutions for perfect lighting on your furniture.


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